Units and their Functions

Apart from representing the Crown in the Resident Magistrate Courts, the Supreme Court, Circuit Courts islandwide and the Court of Appeal, which is our most obvious core function, Counsel are assigned in twelve (12) Special Units which cover a range of particular areas of law/administration.  These areas also require chamber work and often Court appearances.  These Units are as follows:

  1. Clerk of Courts Liaison Unit
  2. Corruption Prevention, Coroner Matters and Organised Crime Unit
  3. Digital Evidence and Cyber Crimes Unit
  4. Environment Matters/Referrals Unit
  5. The Extradition Unit
  6. Gun Court Matters Unit
  7. Home Circuit Administrative Unit (The Box)
  8. The Human Rights, Intellectual Property, and Sexual Offences Unit
  9. Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Unit
  10. Legal and Legislative Reform Unit
  11. The Mutual Legal Assistance, Financial Crimes & Financial Services Commission Unit
  12. Privy Council Unit

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