A Crown prosecutor is a provider of a public service. The public on whose behalf prosecutions are conducted have an interest in our operations and we have a duty to account to the public we serve. It is in recognition of this responsibility that our role, duties, performance, challenges and achievements are laid out in this website.

A Crown prosecutor is guided and governed by the Constitution of Jamaica and the Laws of the country, and has a duty to treat all people equally in accordance with the law. A Crown prosecutor also has:

1. The duty to protect and promote the human rights of all citizens; and
2. To serve the public interest, inclusive of the rights of the victim and the alleged offender, conscious of the need to be accountable and transparent in the execution of our duties.

This delicate balance can only be kept by strict adherence to the law. We need patience, training, public understanding, and a firm resolution to do what is correct.
I thank you for your interest in this site and invite you to learn about us, exchange information, and discuss with us.

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